Video analytics applications enable proactive surveillance, helping your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime.

Axis Video Analytics

Achieve proactive surveillance and secure your business by preventing and detecting criminal activity. The software applications are able to detect unauthorized personnel, suspicious behavior or loitering individuals and notify a guard automatically or announce a message over a loudspeaker. Scalable edge-based applications can help reduce bandwidth and storage use by relaying and recording videos only of interest.

Security Applications

People Tracking Suite

•AXIS People Counter
•AXIS 3D People Counter
•AXIS Occupancy Estimator

AXIS Loss Prevention Suite

•AXIS Tailgating Detector
•AXIS Direction Detector
•AXIS Random Selector

AXIS Cross Line Detection

A virtual trip-wire feature that detects motion that crosses a predefined line and triggers an alarm.

•AXIS Cross Line Detection

AXIS Motion Guard

An alarm will be triggered whenever it detects motion within areas of interest in a camera’s field of view. Flexible configuration and support mechanisms are provided to reduce false alarms.

•AXIS Motion Guard