Intruder Alarm Products and Services for Business in Singapore

intruder alarm system for business in Singapore

Intruder Alarm Systems remain as the basic foundation in business security. Its primary function is to prevent burglars from attempting to break in, or simply trigger an alarm loud enough to put the entire area on alert.

With the enhanced intruder alarm technology that developed in recent years, these systems are able to use wireless expanders and receivers within a greater distance with little-to-none latency.

It used to be a need in every building to install intruder alarm sensors in almost every entry point. But with Surveillance Video Analytics integrated into CCTV Surveillance Systems, it is able to pick up motion and relay it as a threat notification.

Quality Intruder Alarm Products and professional installation services

Not only do we offer the best intruder alarm products for business security in Singapore, we provide installation services when you purchase our products.

The logistic processes, deployment management and installation workflow has been complimented as proficient and extensive. The intruder alarm system products we offer are of new-age technology with scalability. Which means anytime you wish to expand your business, we are able to provide you with the solution you need.