CCTV Security Solutions for Childcare Centers in Singapore

childcare center security solution singapore

Security For Your Childcare Center in Singapore

Keep your children in your preschool and childcare center safe with business security solutions and products such as CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Controls, Visitor Management System and Intruder Alarm System.

Our experienced security consultants are able to design a strategic layout and project coordination to address security issues in pre-school and childcare, which concentrates on expanding secured premises as well as evidence capturing. Strategic planning of camera placement and the right CCTV Surveillance systems enable you to achieve security for your childcare centre.

Featured Security Products for Childcare Centers in Singapore

To avoid risking the children’s safety, CCTV Business is able to install your security system after operating hours and an overnight installation can be scheduled to complete a neat and secured childcare which the children can be safe even before the bell rings.

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•Installation Of CCTV For Kid’s safety
•Food handling compliance analysis
•Future-Proof fiber optics backbone for cameras
•Ultra high clarity high definition IP cameras
•Installation of Access Control Systems