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Proven track record of over 10,000 customers
and exceeding a decade in security industry,
specializing in CCTV surveillance systems and access controls.

CCTV Business provides future-proof and cost-efficient business security solutions. We always give our clients the best and the right security products and solutions. If you require further expansion in future, our scalable solutions are made possible for easy upgrading. Giving you the security solution you want, with the business security you need.

CCTV for business

Strategic Security

Strategic business security solutions planned by our security specialists for your business in Singapore.

Proficient Installation

We always approach with the most responsible angle to all our projects. Our teams have extensive experience in installing and configuring security systems.

Retail Intelligence

Enable proactive surveillance with Axis video analytics software applications. It enables your security staff to effectively protect your property by detecting and deterring crime.

After-sales Support

Your security is always taken care of. Repairs, maintenance, upgrades and comprehensive tech support is at your request.

Visitor Management

Track visitor records and keep watch on who is in your property. Effectively deter unwanted visitors and pre-register VIP personnel while maintaining track of staff members.

Secured Remote Access

Secured and reliable remote surveillance directly on your mobile device. Bank-grade encryption in turn also protects your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV Business provides only the best business security products and solutions for businesses in Singapore. Contact us and our security specialists will be able to provide you with the right business security solution.

Are you able to work with my contractor during renovation?

Yes, however we have to first consult you on your security requirements and your expected security solution. Our security specialists and installation team are able to work with your contractor directly but during the initial planning stages, we have to do a site-survey with you.

Can you upgrade my current CCTV system?

It depends on he condition and what your system is currently running with. If it runs with Analog CCTV Cameras, we might have to compromise a few functions due to the almost-obsolete technology.

Can I just "add-on" more CCTV to my system?

IP CCTV Security Surveillance Technology tend to be easier to “plug-and-play”, but a major factor that affects this is the number of channels your DVR/NVR supports. If you wish to upgrade to more cameras but not enough channels, we may have to provide you a recorder as well.

How long does the installation take?

To answer this, a few things come into consideration. Size of your building, number of cameras and the distance needed for the cables to run. Our fastest record of installing a CCTV Surveillance System in a large scale building, comprising of 265 IP CCTV Cameras and replacing 23 Analog CCTV Cameras, was a little more than 400 hours in total.

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