Business Security Solutions for Office Spaces and Buildings in Singapore

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Security For Your Offices in Singapore

Explore our range of security products and solutions for office spaces and buildings in Singapore like CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Controls, Visitor Management System, Intruder Alarm System and Business Intelligence.

Office CCTV security surveillance enable you to watch over the entire office, keeping track of employee activity and also checking employee productivity . When it comes to well-being and security, evidence can be achieved when there is a crime involved like stealing of items, sexual harassment or other violations.

Featured Security Products for Office Spaces and Buildings in Singapore

CCTV Business provides strategic CCTV locations and extensive project coordination to help you to obtain office security surveillance. Achieve maximum security along with access controls, intrusion alarms, video analytics and visitor management. You can also expect installation services carried out by our team. Experienced project engineers are able to apply security solutions to large scale buildings and properties.

Featured Office Client

YTL Power Seraya office

•Installation of CCTV for Monitoring for employee safety
•Future-Proof fiber optics backbone for cameras
•Ultra high clarity high definition IP cameras
•Installation of Access Control Systems