Should I Get CCTV for My Office?

Your business is your livelihood. But what if this is compromised?

A recent study in Singapore suggests that 43% of businesses do not have CCTV Security Surveillance installed in their office. Although 32% claims to not have run into any trouble, the other 11% has unfortunately run into problems that has compromised their business. Even so, they diverted their budget into hiring more security personnel or even bumping up the efficiency. The question is, will this suffice?

Everyday, there are unpublished reports on offices being intruded and to have their assets missing in the morning. Leaked police investigations have claimed to range from internal theft to break-ins. However this cannot be proved due to lack of evidence. You might be thinking, “This is Singapore, one of the safest countries in the world, is theft still a common crime?” The answer is a definite YES.

Believe it or not, the crime rate in Singapore is close to that of any other 1st world countries, with theft as the number 1 contributor to the collected data.

Thankfully, there is a way to combat this. Achieving Security in your Office Building and Office Space may be costly, but in the long run, this investment will proof itself to be the best one you’ll ever make.

The Pros of having a security system in your office outweighs the Cons tremendously. With CCTV Security Surveillance Systems in your office, your assets are being watched over and constantly kept in view. Internal theft will be deterred and in turn will also increase employee productivity.

With the development of video analytics, the future is already here. Rest easy knowing that your office is 100% secured with prompted alerts and detailed analysis of human traffic data.

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Why should you have a video camera surveillance system? It is to secure the company you built, assets, inventory and to access private data.