Security Guards VS Smart CCTV Surveillance System – Which is better?

The world’s taking the next step in security, are you?

Organizations began to spend a lot of money to provide security measures. There would be no organizations without security guards. Evidently from the trend, even the well off individuals additionally have taken part of security measures for their home.
Before years, the houses were secured by guard dogs. Presently, individuals feel more unsafe, for the reason they use security staffs and other electronic security measures. The requirement for security measures are expanding step by step, simultaneously the advancement and research in the field is likewise progressing.
Presently, numerous organizations are changing from security guards to electronic safety measures. One of the primary reasons is the cost of keeping up security faculty. They spend a huge amount of money in maintaining security personnel, yet now they began to surmise that if a similar sum is invested into embedding electronic gadgets, the cost can be lessened, regardless of the possibility that the underlying expense is high. Another reason is the physical confinements of kept an eye on security guards.

Standard Industrial Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard: $12-$20 per hour
Armed Security Guard: $18-$25 per hour
Average monthly cost(based on 2 shifts x 2 guards): $42000
Average yearly cost: $504000

Fully Digitalized Guard

CCTV Surveillance System: averagely $200 per camera
Video Analytics: averagely $400 per function
Access Controls: averagely $350 per door
Visitor Management System: $1000 per license
2 security personnel (based on 12 hour shifts): $12-$20 per hour
Average total one-time cost with installation (100 locations): $130500

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