Finding the best business security solution in Singapore

As the number of security companies increases, finding and selecting the best security solution provider has become a brooding task.

CCTV Business offers comprehensive integrated business security solutions that can be customized to your requirements, while at the same time improving security surveillance and other security operations in both SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) and MNC (Multinational Corporation) enterprises.

Achieve only the best business security solutions in access controls, intruder alarm systems, CCTV Surveillance and video analytics or even visitor management systems such as CHECKIN™.

CCTV Business helps businesses and companies in Singapore in retail, F&B, office and even childcare centers implement strategic and professional approach to security surveillance to protect the well-being of employees, customers and children.

Our installation team and IT team have extensive knowledge and experience in applying these security solutions to your business. When it comes to safety, they go through thorough security risk assessments before being deployed on site. We are also certified with safety compliance licenses such as BizSafe Star and OHSAS 18001.

Value-added solutions can be utilized to help businesses increase productivity and concurrently achieve security. These solutions can range from secured remote access to visitor management systems.

Whether you need to secure multiple stores, offices, restaurants and childcare centers or just one facility, our security specialists are able to provide business security technologies, products and after-sales support to enhance your operations.

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