Coastal Cameras protecting Singapore Borders

Coastal Cameras fully deployed along Singapore’s coastline in efforts to protect Singapore borders.


Surveillance cameras have been set up on the coastlines around Singapore since January 2017 as part of the Coastal Surveillance Camera System by the Singapore Police Coast Guard (PCG).

These cameras are installed with the aim of not only guarding the coasts but to survey areas where immigrants might intrude the borders through the sea.

 Currently, Singapore’s coast is being guarded by advanced electro-optic cameras, radar system and boat patrols. However these coastal cameras provide another layer of security in this multi-layered defense.
Due to the distance between the coast line and the outer boundaries of Singapore’s territorial waters, it attracts criminals with high-speed sea vehicles knowing they can reach the Republic within minutes.


Panoramic electro-optic sensors provide a 360-degree view on the north and south coasts of Singapore, while the PCG continues to maintain security with radar systems, boat patrols and other security measures.

Head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, Professor Rohan Gunaratna, stated the increase of terrorism threats in recent years while mentioning the importance of taking security measures.

He stated: “All these security measures are introduced because of threats faced, therefore, more measures are necessary.”