Access Control Products and Services for Business Security in Singapore

access control system for business in Singapore

Uniquely identify individuals with biometric access and allow entry to only authorized personnel. Be in control as you extensively customize and keep unwanted entry to the minimum for specific people/visitors.

Achieving maximum security for businesses in Singapore have been becoming a simpler and successful task with biometric technology being developed and improved everyday. Newer technology such as Iris Recognition, Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Readers will eventually replace conventional key-lock access.

Quality Access Control products and professional installation services

Expect installation services when you purchase our access control products. We have acquired years of experience in applying access control solutions to businesses in Singapore from small businesses to large enterprises.

Our project handling department carries out deployment, logistic planning and on-site installation. The Access Controls Systems that we provide are of both powerful and versatile technology. Our IT team are able to assist you in configuring and customizing the security as to how you want it to be.